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With a solid foundation of over five years working at a major financial Institution, I have established myself as a proficient professional in the mortgage industry. My experience has been instrumental in shaping my skills in collaborative leadership and strategic planning. Renowned for efficiently managing intricate mortgage processes and ensuringcompliance with regulatory frameworks, I have significantly contributed to business growth and have consistently outperformed set goals.
My professional journey has been marked by a focus on strategic consultation, process enhancement, mortgage underwriting, regulatory compliance, and cultivating strong client relationships. My effective communication and negotiation skills, underpinned by keen business acumen, have been key to achieving operational excellence and optimizing resource utilization for maximum returns.
Recognizing my potential to make a broader impact, I decided to move forward with my career as a Mortgage Agent. This transition is driven by my commitment to demystifying mortgage financing for clients. By combining my deep industry knowledge with a personalized service approach, I committed to guide clients through the complexities of mortgage decisions. At Concierge Mortgage Group we have access to a diverse network of many lenders, including major banks and specialized lenders and we ensure that you receive the most advantageous mortgage solutions tailored to your specific circumstances. Whether you’re in the market for purchasing, refinancing, renewing, looking for second mortgage/house, or reverse mortgage, my expertise covers a wide array of mortgage options suited for various needs, including services for the self-employed, newcomers to Canada, real estate investors, vacation home buyers, renovation projects, retirement planning, and credit repair.
My commitment to you extends beyond the successful closing of your mortgage. We willoffer our continuous support and strategies for short and long-term wealth growth, a philosophy that has fostered a client referral-driven business. I welcome the opportunityto assist you with your financing requirements and look forward to earning your trust and providing a seamless, successful mortgage experience.



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Bank Rates Term UOR RATES
8,04% 1 Year 6,69%
7,64% 2 Year 6,04%
7,24% 3 Year 4,94%
7,04% 4 Year 5,09%
7,04% 5 Year 4,94%
7,20% 7 Year 5,65%
7,69% 10 Year 6,05%

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